Thursday, February 22, 2018

Iron Man Update 17

"Screw this! I'm moving into a nicer place. With a doorman!"

Vee Moved into a two story, very expensive, luxury condo Uptown. Complete with doorman and butler.

Her new neighbors came over without invite to see who the new addition the building was....
(or rather, was she high class enough for them)

She had reached the top of several amazing careers,  lived in the squalor of a cheap apartment, owned a beautiful home on the beach, and had millions in the bank. But as she was staring out at the breathtaking view from her hoity toity condo she felt melancholy and alone. Had she done anything to make a difference in the world? Perhaps politics is where she belongs... 

Vee ran for a local office and won. This required a lot of fancy parties and face time with her constituents. Luckily she already lives in a snooty building so it was fairly easy to get supporters 

Vee has now completed 17 aspirations. she finished City Native, Leader of the pack, and friend of the world most recently. She is on her 5th career. I am now sure I will complete all the aspirations well before I get close to finishing all the careers!

Lots of drama with her neighbors but at least someone doesn't die every time she throws a party like it is in sims 3. And what is it with people spraying her while she's on the computer?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Iron Man Update 16

*It's been ages since I have updated any of my stories. RL has been very full and busy since my son's leukemia diagnosis. I am aware that most of my pictures no longer show because photobucket is now demanding a ridiculous amount of money to host them and is holding them hostage until payment is made. Eventually I hope to transfer them all away from there and restore my blogs but it's not a priority. So for now here is a long update from pictures I took last year and don't really remember what was going on. Ahahah! I hope my muse returns soon. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Being a huge Star Wars fan, Vee did not miss the Geekcon. She rocked the cosplay alien, tried her hand at the hacking competition and played lots of games

Taking a break to have some fun was nice, but Vee was still on a mission. She read dusty old tomes and scoured the internet but so far all she had come across regarding vampires was their hate for garlic.

The plants didn't seem to like growing indoors but she was determined. She bought so many cloves she made a wreath out of them. It stank and her neighbors complained. Especially when she hung one on her front door. 

Hey handsome, meet me at the lounge for some drinks..

Vee tossed back the drinks but no hot boyfriend showed up. Once she got on a roll she kept throwing them back.

At one point she ended up at a bar full of ghosts

"You died phrom a vampire bite!? Waiiiiit Shuuuldn't you'uv turned into...intoo......*giggle* a vampIIIRE?"

"I wish! No, the jerk didn't think I was worth turning and just drained me dry. I hung around as a ghost so I could haunt him, maybe scare him to death but I can't seem to find where he lives. I have heard he hangs out at that bar out in the desert though."

Feeling no pain and not quite remembering how or why she was at some dusty old desert bar a cloud of black smoke appeared. Even in her drunken stupor she recognized the vamp who had cleaned her, fed on her

 At first he was distracted by another woman and followed her out into the predawn light.

Vee charged out after him, after another shot of goldschalger. and confronted him. He didn't seem to understand any of her slurred accusations or threats. He was just debating whether or not to eat her when the sun came out in it's full glory. 


Vee hung around long enough to give Death a high five before leaving the greasy mess to the park's gardener to clean up.

Unfortunately the now pile of moist ash had a mentor and wasted no time visit Vee.
(seriously, he showed up that night!)

poor Vee. Even with all the garlic she eats, the vamps think her tasty.

This woman would not stop spraying her in the face while she was on the comp!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Iron Man Update 15

Needless to say, Vee is not too impressed with her new set up. There seems to be gremlins that break everything. All at once. She spends a lot of time repairing things..

She hired a made (and a repairman eventually) but not much got cleaned or fixed. The maid really enjoyed the view from the balcony too and the repairman just wanted to raid her fridge and watch TV.
Seriously. Very annoying. Do your job! 

When in Rome right?

Give me simoleons! Down with politicians! Every body wants a water buffalo! 

Luckily her protesting was interrupted by Jed asking her to join him at a romance festival <3 It was very romantic and she forgot to demand baby kangaroos be given to all residents

Her neighbors are an elderly, and rather amorous, couple that keep her up late at night. Since confronting them doesn't seem to make a difference she took up baking to wile away the hours

Mmmmm, fish pie >_<

Then something totally unexpected happen... A vampire came to call and let himself right in. 
(At this point in playing I had no idea they could do this. I thought it was rumor!)

Ah, what a, erm, lovely place

I'll just go ahead and clean this for her 

Oh wait! I am VAMPIRE! I must prance in a most creepy way to my victim's bedside even though I know no one can see me

Wake my darling, wake!

Oops, let me 'transform' really quick

How does it feel to be a midnight snack?

omnomnomnomnomn, slurp

Being a midnight snack took a lot out of Vee. She was weak and shaky for days. If not for the puncture wounds on her neck and whispers overheard about the existence of vampires, she would have had no idea what happened to her. She was so upset at the violation of her home and body she spent all of her off time researching vampires and how to protect herself from them.

Bonus shot of all the signed poster she received from being a social media personality and making it to the top of the career!!