Monday, October 27, 2014

Iron Man Update 6

In short order Vee accomplished the Bestselling Author ASP. 

A lot of ASP compliment careers and vice versa and you don't HAVE to change ASP after completing it if you don't want to. I didn't realize that right away(thanks to the little pop up you get that encourages you to choose a new one) so I went with Athletic!

She is quite the specimen and it helped a lot with the counter effects sitting in front of a comp for hours on end can have. She had to mentor other sims:

 Get to her most muscular self:

two days of pull downs and BAM! abs

She looked so amazing crowds gather where ever she went to get a good spot for the gun show

Vee STILL has not gotten to the top of the writing career path but she pulls in about 40k simoleons a week in royalties and investments!

I have done some hopping around the other ASP and completed the first tier on several of them while I wait for that coveted job promotion but I don't want to work any of them too hard as most of them go well with other careers. Perhaps Vee should throw more parties?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Generation 6 - Chapter 12

Jonas came home from school with this adorable carrot top 

They have been BFFs since grade school and share birthdays close together. 

Jonas is head over heels for Candace and he hopes she feels the same way about him. 

"Oh Jonas! I have been wanting to kiss you all day!" 

She was human but was familiar with the human/fairy relationship. Luckily for her, all the fairies she knew treated humans the same as each other. Jonas had to explain the family drama while showing her the pictures of his family. He wanted to make sure she knew what she was getting into. 

She didn't seem to mind... 

"I can't wait to meet your dad! I will make him love me!" 

"I will impress him with my amazing personality!" 

"I love you Candace" 

Nothing like meeting your boyfriends dad for the first time after he gets home, wearing nothing but his underwear... 

Before going home after work and meeting Candace, Elgon had been visiting his mother. Interesting news had reached his ears that had nothing to do Jonas' birthday party... 

"So I hear I'm going to be a big brother. Awesome!" 

"How are things going with you and Fabian?" 
"Not good, we've been fighting. But I have sworn off the flirtations of others!" 

AS Elgon was leaving to go home, Fabian came in and went straight to Wind. Forgive and forget. 

Generation 6 - Chapter 11

Elgon threw a huge birthday bash for Jonas. It's not everyday you become a teen! 

Before edit: 

After edit: 

As usual Emmaline tried to make herself the center of attn and made everyone mad. She sure has a LOT of enemies 

"Listen up Little Jonas, I have a daughter that you will marry. She is only a child now but we can have the ceremony right away. She is a fairy of fine breeding and the two of you together will make the family proud." 

Wind over heard this conversation and immediately pulled Emmaline over to the side. It was time for an intervention! 

"You are all fools! This is the way things are done here and you know it! Wind, you did the same for Elgon and he will do so for his son. It's our way! Who are you to destroy our customs? I have already decided!" 

"Mother, will you please help me out here? My son is not getting married to his step aunt. We are NOT setting him up! It's time to break the mold. You said so yourself." 
"I will talk with Wilson and make him see reason. I think there is enough dislike of Emmaline that we can get the town council on our side." 

"Ah ha! I know just what to do!" Wind announced. She went straight to Wilson and tore him up one side and down the other. 
"You are the official patriarch of this 'family' and it is absolutely within your right to decide if/when a member of your clan is ready to marry. You have NO right to decide who that person should marry or stop them from marrying someone you don't like. All you can do is withhold your blessing!" 
"Yes, but tradition-" 
"Who cares! Was it your tradition to get my mom knocked up? Then leave her behind?" 
"That was different! You know I loved-" 
"Why can't your great-grandson have that chance?? You of ALL people should be able to sympathize!" 
"Yes, but-" 
"No buts! I am putting my foot down!" 
"well... I....let me...We have to give this some thought..." 
Wilson said as he backed out of the apartment 

Needless to say, Emmaline was mad that Wilson didn't put a stop to Wind's rant before she got into stride or for standing up to her and laying down the law (as she saw it) 

After a VERY long night, they were able to get everyone that had stayed behind out of the apartment and go to bed 

Bonus shots: 
Wilson and Wind flirted like crazy 

Making everyone mad 

But her new hubby forgave her in the end 
Thankfully she's irrisistable and everyone blamed Wilson. 
SP really needs to stop it!

Generation 6 - Chapter 10

After attending Jonas' badge ceremony, he took him to their new home. 
Jonas wasted no time inspecting EVERYTHING. He was upset that they weren't with grandma and excited at the cool new place. Until he decided there were monsters under his bed! 

Good thing Elgon got him a fairy house as a Sorry-we-had-to-move gift 

They were spending uncharacteristic time together. Elgon spent much less time on his blog and Jonas was taking full advantage of it. 

But as soon as the weekend came, Jonas went straight to Grandma's house. 

Wind and Fabian had a small wedding down at the courthouse and were settling into a quiet life together. 

Being away from Megan's ghost was having an interesting effect on Elgon. All of a sudden he seemed to see beautiful women everywhere....and had no idea what to do around them 

"Hey girl" 




nothing like having your mommy call after embarrassing yourself in front of a hot chick

"Hey mom, no I'm not busy. Your timing is excellent." 

Later he knocked on his neighbors door hoping to see the hot chick from the elevator. He met this one instead. Not as hot but they hit it off. 

"You don't have any roommates by any chance, do you?" 

I think this building is the official residence of all the NPC, they show up and disappear and non of them are his neighbors