Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fatima's Bachelorette Challenge: Challenge 6; Dance party

Even though we got in late the night before, I was up before the sun. For some reason I was feeling more and more anxious as we got closer and closer to the end. I was here to have fun and get my 15 minutes of fame. I could see in some their eyes that these guys were here hoping for love. Real love. 

All those times I watched the show from my couch I laughed at the idea of any one on the show ending up together in real life. It was all for ratings and entertainment right? Could I see myself having a long term relationship with any of them or was I just being a tease? I had restless sleep and woke up well before I normally do.

Today was Dance Party day.

Maybe it was guilt, maybe it was lack of sleep but I decided to spend the day picturing a real honest future with each man as we had a low stress, high fun time together.

Chad came in first. We danced and laughed. I could tell he was a bit stiff on the dance floor but he really tried to show me some moves and wasn't afraid to flirt. I wonder if we had kids, would they have his eyes?

I was a little nervous to see Kenton in wolf form again but he gave me a big sniff  that made me laugh and feel giddy at the same time. He really knows his way on the dance floor! Don't werewolves mate for life? The idea of having one man, totally loyal, forever was unexpectedly attractive. Then again, I had never really thought about what life will be like in the far future. I wonder what the chances are of having a wolf child instead of a fairy. 

Tarick had good rhythm but he was much more interested in laying on the romance. I'm not sure if it was poetry but he said such beautiful things to me. A girl could get used to that. Could something like that last or would it fade away as our relationship went on? I worry that a man so intent on romancing me would change the second we were married. Does that happen? Would he be this sweet for years and years? I could really get used to being treated this way...

Gavin had that preternatural grace on the dance floor and mesmerizing eyes. Not for the first time did I wonder if he was putting me in a trance. I knew so little about vampires. Could we even be a real couple? Ephriam and Maya  had seemed to get on great together, maybe me and Gavin could too? What would my mother think?! She can't stand vamps! I was tempted to turn the dance date into a 'Lets talk about your kind' date, but I really needed the relaxation a carefree dance can give. Is it true that vamps are attracted to fae blood? Am I just a meal to him or could this electric feeling be genuine?

We finished earlier than anticipated today but I was entirely too tired for anything else. But before I could crawl into bed I had to say goodbye.

Sorry Tarick.

C 6

1-Kenton 71.57
2-Gavin 67.82
3-Chad 64.12
4-Tarick 62.07

Bonus shot