TS4 Going Solo Rules

Going Solo Challenge.
Version: 4.0p
Gameversion: The Sims 4
Challenge Creator: Vuneca ("It will take the lotion!")
TS4 Adaption: LittleMinxUndr ("B-but...")

The Going Solo Challenge is designed to have a relaxed, fun Sims-experience and the rules to this challenge are purposely kept as simple as possible, to facilitate play and player-agency as much as possible.

The object of the challenge is to start with a single Sim of any gender and in it's lifetime fullfil it's aspiration. The Sim is not allowed to marry, but must become the parent of one kid. That kid carries the challenge forward by fullfilling an aspiration that has not been fullfilled yet. How that kid comes to be is up to the player entirely.

The Sim might get a career or stay at home.

The challenge lasts until all aspirations and careers have been completed once.

Have fun!

Optional challenges:
Iron Man Rules.
Complete all Aspirations and all Careers on one and the same Sim!
Club rules:
One generation concentrates on making their club successful. Unlock all the club perks!
Retail rules:
One generation concentrates on making their business successful. Unlock all the retail perks!

V4.0 Provisional:
A total rewrite of the standing rules to remove all things obtuse and contrived. The aim of the 4.0p ruleset is to return to rules that are as open as possible and what gives the player the most freedom to achieve their goals.

V3.0 Provisional:
Sections 1.1 through 1.4 are dropped or adjusted and the ingame gender-influencing during pregnancy are now in effect.
Section 3. is provisionally adjusted to include the three live-careers. Expect more changes in Section 3. as playtesting may necessitate further annotation.

Lifespan rules have been removed and Iron Man rules have been added back in.

V2.0 rules are a total rewrite from V1.0.
Most important change is that the live-in-mate rule has been removed, to fall in line with Vuneca's vision of the Going Solo Challenge. Live-in-mates detract from the Going Solo idea.
Both the rules on Aspirations and Careers have been made easier to understand, which I hope will translate into smoother gameplay.
The understanding 'Chiefmotivation' has been introduced. It points to the branch within an Aspiration a Sim must complete.
Failstates have been removed. Going Solo Challenge can't be failed anymore!
Iron Man Rules have been dropped, TS4 is harder than TS3 already. ^^ 


  1. Nice challenge. I try to translate it to polish language (I put link to this site to credits and name of author etc.) and one thing: The May 4th 2015 patch introduced the ability to influence the gender of unborn babies. Listening to Alternative music during pregnancy and eating carrots will influence the baby to be a boy. Listening to Pop music and eating strawberries during pregnancy will influence the baby to be a girl.
    I wonder, how to do aspiration Soulmate and aspirations of family, if I can play only one Sim, which cant marry. Or only 1st Sim cant marry?

    1. Sorry for my bad english ^^'

    2. Hello N, Your English is just fine ;-)
      Discussing this with other players of this challenge, the general idea was to wait until after you've completed all the other aspirations then do the soulmate and family ones. Alternately you can do them first to get them out of the way and just pick one child as the heir to continue on with.
      I know those aspirations conflict with the rules of the challenge so they are the exception. Does this make sense?
      Thanks for reading and please let me know how your challenge is going!

  2. Hey! As I was re-reading the ruleset before deciding how to tackle the upcoming rules update, as not only gender-influencing is new, but there are also more careers and new aspirations, I realise that a new write up of the basegame-rules are needed too.
    So that means for N that indeed the genderswapping in Manage World will be dropped for Maxis gender-influencing.
    Vanessa: I'll be playtesting the entire shebang, as Aspirations have changed and were added too over the last year. I see no other way than to put everything into a nice performance art of scaffolding.
    Thanks N, for listing what's needed for the gender-influencing. Appreciated!

  3. This is super cool, but there are a few loops that need tied off, for ex: are you able to adopt a child, for this challenge? In aspirations such as "big happy family" how would you carry out

    1. The overall goal is to complete each aspiration and job with a linear family. One child per generation. We know that it's a catch 22 because you have to break the main rules to complete the challenge. We recommend waiting until the end of your challenge to do the aspirations that are contrary to the main theme.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for reading :-)

  4. Replies
    1. If you can be more specific I might be able to help you.

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  6. Question; you know how there are different options for the aspirations??? Do we have to achieve each one? or only one

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply but that is an excellent question.

      It's player's choice. If you only feel up to completing one branch, that is good enough. If you want to go all out, you can do both branches. If I remember correctly, if you try to go back into a career you've already completed it starts you out on the branch you've already selected. I believe you have to use a MC cheat to restart from lvl 1
      But I could be wrong. I haven't played a career that splits in a while and there have been several updates.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions :-)

  7. Hi! This hasn't been written on for a long time now, so I understand if I don't get a reply, but with the expansions do you have to complete those as well? I feel this makes it hard as I don't understand how to do some of them, plus there are so many extras that I would have to do. There are also mod aspirations/jobs... do I have to do those as well? I might do this challenge... but it seems hard. I've never actually done a sims challenge... thanks though!

    1. The purpose of this challenge is to be fun and experience ALL the careers and aspirations at least once. This does include any that were added with expansions that you have. This does not include MOD unless you want it to.
      Originally this challenge was designed for the Sims 3 because I was falling into a rut of playing with the same type of sims, with the same jobs and aspirations, never having even tried quite a few of them. It's a little different for 4 but still a good way to get to know all aspects of the game.
      I hope that answered your questions. I am trying to be more active with my writing again so I will be around to answer any more that you have. Otherwise stop by the forum, a lot of questions have been asked and answered there.