Thursday, July 31, 2014

Generation 1 - Chapter 11

A tentative peace settled over the household. Jane kept her grades above failing and stayed quiet while Constance worked at her computer. Constance stopped nagging and nit picking Jane on the way she did things. 

Jane kept herself entertained in a less destructive manner.. 

But there was no one there to comfort her when her imagination took control. 

Monsters seem very real to a lonely child late at night 

Constance was deal with her own emotional upheaval. Meadow was not doing well. Age was dragging her down and Don was not as supportive as he once was. 

"I'll come right over sweetie." 

"I know Don asked you to write a book about him. Do you think, if you wrote it the right way, it might help save things between him and me?" 

"Tell me what you want it to say!" 

Constance set up shop and took notes as Meadow dictated about the life she wished she'd had with the father of her son, Titus. 

As Constance was putting the finishing touches on her biography of Don Lothario her computer died. 
"I hope that's not a bad sign..." 

It needed to be finished in time for Meadow's party. It was in celebration of Don's biography. An attempt to help their relationship. Constance had no choice but to bring Jane with her. But that turned out to be a good thing. She and Titus entertained each other, leaving the grown ups alone! 

Seeing what a good mood her mother was in after the party Jane showed of her ballet moves. Secretly she HATED ballet, but if it made mommy happy, she was going to try it. 

"Lovely Jane!" 

"Wow, this 'being a good little girl' thing seems to be working" Jane thought to herself 

The next day Constance was hung over! After remembering how good Jane was the night before, she gave her some money and told her to take Titus to the Fall Festival. 
"You two have a good time and don't come home any time soon!"

Generation 1 - Chapter 10

Constance had begun to notice that parenthood was wearing Meadow down and suggested they take the kids to the summer festival. Games, food, sunshine! It would be great for all of them.

 Half the town seemed to have had the same idea. It's was almost like a spontaneous day care had popped up!

"Let's see whatcha got!" 

They didn't stay long but it sure was refreshing! Meadow confided in Constance about how tired she was. As well as how upset she was that Don had chosen not to move in with her to help raise their son. It was sad. Constance secretly felt pleased that someone else was going through the same things she was. Perhaps this could turn into another best selling novel? She had had a bit of writers block lately... 

Again, Constance was so absorbed with herself she didn't notice the approach of Jane's birthday. That child was growing like a weed. 

Jane was obviously too big to continue sleeping in a crib, but Constance was not about to turn her office/study into a bedroom. They would just have to share. Man! Jane has some cold feet! 

"I wonder how long this is going to work? Oh well, I should get to work and THANKFULLY she will be starting school today!"

The house was amazingly quite. Constance typed an entire book all in one sitting! 
"This is how it's supposed to be!"

"Meadow! I have had the most wonderful day! I finished my book and the publisher loved it! The Town Council even requested a signed copy!" 

Meanwhile, Jane was cutting class to play on the playground. She was looking for a place to hide so she wouldn't have to go home.... 

Jane was forced to come home when she got hungry. There's no food at the playground after all. Constance was not pleased. 
"Where have you been! You can't just wander around town all day! your principal called me, you skipped class! Why do you smell like a pigsty?? You will get your act together this instant! Clean yourself up and do your homework or NO DINNER!"

"I hate you!"

"Homework. Now."

"It's important to get good grades. How are you going to be successful at anything?" 

"Your idea of success isn't mine....."

After school the next day Jane went straight to Meadow's house. 
"My mom says I have to come here after school so I won't get into trouble." 

"She's mean and I hate her!" 

Meadow was very concerned about Jane's and Constance's relationship and decided to intervene. What kinds of things do you have for her at home? Are you still sharing a room? Does she have her own space? Maybe if you bought her something appropriate for her age she wouldn't be so angry with you" 

Thank goodness for Meadow's advice. Tempers around the house have cooled off a bit.

Generation 1 - Chapter 9

The invite came as a complete surprise. "Hal is inviting me to his party? I haven't seen him since we were in court! I wonder what he wants."
Constance had no desire to see that man ever again. "It's his fault my life has been so hard!"
"Then again, It would give me a chance to snoop a little. See how little Joan is doing. I wonder if I should bring Jane?"

"We're going to a party!" 

Hal had bought himself a nice little home. Constance was surprised at how nice it looked from the outside. "It's nothing compared to mine, of course. I guess I should be happy for him though."


"Look at this house Hal! You don't even have a crib! Where does Joan sleep? Why is she out here in your dark, dirty garage? And why do you have so many women here?!" 

"Ugh! How long has she been in a dirty diaper? What is wrong with you? Can't you do anything right?"

"Let me make it up to you baby. How about I take you out sometime? I'll bring flowers, maybe a little wine....." 

"You are unbelievable. No!" 

"This is not what I had hoped for when I decided to come over here." 

Hal never even noticed Jane planing alone in his living room

"Come on little Janie, we're going home!" 

"I know I'm not the best mom but I will always make sure you have what you need."