Saturday, February 28, 2015

Generation 8 - Chapter 30

Daric took Cherish home so she could pack up a bag of her things. She really didn't own much other than her plants and cloths. Most everything at the house belonged to the family as a whole. It wouldn't take long. She became more and more jittery as they drove through the cobbled streets of town. She was nervous, excited, scared even.

"Do I try and bring my plants? We could load up the truck! No, no. That's too much tonight. I'll just grab a bag and pack up my cloths. Do we need to get my bed?"

Daric gave her a sideways glance and she blushed crimson. They had never gone beyond a good make out session. She had been totally content to leave it at that and he never pressured her for more. But living together...

 He only had one bedroom. 

With one bed. 

Her face felt like it was on fire! Would he expect, you know, woohoo, tonight? That was what couples did when they lived together isn't it? I mean, She knew a lot of girls that hadn't hesitated to jump into bed with each and every guy that came along, but she had never...done.....that.

"Listen Sunflower, I am in no rush to do anything." Daric said with slight emphasis on 'anything'. " I would love to share my home and my life with you, but-"

"We're here." Cherish cut him off. She wan't sure where this conversation was about to go but she needed a minute to process. 

At the door she hesitated. 

"Daric, I want to move in with you, truly."


"But I think I need to talk to GG Wind first. Not for permission or anything like that! know... she should know before I just up and leave home. She's been very worried about things lately and I don't want to add to it. And...and.....well, I-"

"I understand, Love. Shall we go talk to her together or do you want to see her alone first?"

She hesitated again. Daric put a strong arm around her shoulders  and pushed the door open.

Wind wasn't home as expected.

Cherish felt restless and made herself busy. She picked up around the room. Built a fire. Poked at the fire needlessly. Paced around. When she started eyeing the Sim Fu dummy, dear patient Daric asked her to sit down beside him.

"I have been telling myself that your nerves are for talking to your GG and not about moving in with me, but if this isn't what you want-"

"Oh no! I want this! It's just. .. well I.... she kinda...I need.."

With a sigh she stopped trying to make the words come and they just looked at each other. Many unspoken thoughts passed between them. Daric gave her an almost pitying smile and nodded.

"I am going to head home." Daric said. "You are going to wait for Wind. You can talk to her tonight or tomorrow. Or in as many days away from now as you need. I will be around if you need me."

He folded her into a gentle hug, holding her long enough to convey that everything was alright. Then he gave her a bare brush of a kiss and left without another word.

Cherish paced around the living room once again. Daric was so wonderful. She wanted to be around him all the time. Now there was this invitation to do just that but it also came with sudden pressure. Cherish had no idea how to live with with a man, especially one she was romantic with. She'd never shared a bed, never been to even a sleep over with other girls! Was she ready for woohoo? He'd be seeing her naked. She'd be seeing him naked!

A nervous giggle escaped her at that thought. She remembered the classes in school about it. She knew what was supposed to happen. But was she ready? Did she want to? Shouldn't they be married first? They weren't even engaged. What if she moved in and refused to do it? Would he kick her out?

She was standing stalk still in the entrance hall chewing her nails into jagged edges when Wind swept into the house.

"Cherish? Cherish? Cherish!"

"Wha! Oh. Um, hi?"

Wind had seen Cherish get engrossed in her thoughts and brood before, but never like this.

Cherish started rambling at warp speed and Wind finally put her hands on her great-granddaughter's shoulders and asked to to take a deep breath.

"There. Now I can see you're worked up about something. Let's sit down and have a talk?"

Cherish started pacing and chewing her fingers again.

"Okay, okay. How about a game of chess?"

Cherish nodded and headed up the stairs. She had learned to play when Brenton still lived with them and had become quite good at it with Fatima. It would be a good distraction. Something to keep her hands and eyes busy, free her mind a bit.

They played at a steady pace for a good half an hour before Wind finally spoke up. She had been study Cherish's face as the girl studied the game board. She knew the child was prone to getting overwhelmed under stress and was sure that something major had happened. It had been ages since she had seen Cherish this stressed out though.

"So. Did you have a fun time at the Ren Fair?"

Cherish's jerked up in shock and her face paled.

"How..? I, uh..."

When Wind just sat there patiently waiting she realized it was just a simple question. Surely GG didn't know?

Cherish cleared her throat.

"Ye-yes! I had an excellent time. Daric had free passes. Or something...."


"Okay. Well. Um. When did you know you were ready... For... you know...ummm."

Wind raised her eyebrows. Here was her grown-up kin asking about...woohoo??

"Well..You see...He um....He-asked-me-to-move-in-with-him!"
She finished in a rush, blushing deeply and looking down at her lap.

At first Wind didn't respond. She contemplated the board and eventually made her next move, removing one of Cherish's pawns.

"Do you want to live with him? I know you love him."

"I do."

"Then I think you should do it." 

Cherish stared at her with disbelief. That was it? She should do it? No lecture? No multitude of questions?

Wind could tell this was not the response Cherish had expected and gave a small sigh.

"Cherish, things are changing and the future is unpredictable. He makes you happy. Go be with him. Just like Fatima left to live her dream, you should too. You are a grown woman and deserve every minute of happiness you can get. I want you to go and be happy. I want you to thrive living our own life. Your parents died far too young."

"My parents?"

 Cherish was confused. What did her parents have to do with any of this?

"I have news too."

Her face was grave.  Her eyes looking far away.

"War is coming."