Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Iron Man Update 15

Needless to say, Vee is not too impressed with her new set up. There seems to be gremlins that break everything. All at once. She spends a lot of time repairing things..

She hired a made (and a repairman eventually) but not much got cleaned or fixed. The maid really enjoyed the view from the balcony too and the repairman just wanted to raid her fridge and watch TV.
Seriously. Very annoying. Do your job! 

When in Rome right?

Give me simoleons! Down with politicians! Every body wants a water buffalo! 

Luckily her protesting was interrupted by Jed asking her to join him at a romance festival <3 It was very romantic and she forgot to demand baby kangaroos be given to all residents

Her neighbors are an elderly, and rather amorous, couple that keep her up late at night. Since confronting them doesn't seem to make a difference she took up baking to wile away the hours

Mmmmm, fish pie >_<

Then something totally unexpected happen... A vampire came to call and let himself right in. 
(At this point in playing I had no idea they could do this. I thought it was rumor!)

Ah, what a, erm, lovely place

I'll just go ahead and clean this for her 

Oh wait! I am VAMPIRE! I must prance in a most creepy way to my victim's bedside even though I know no one can see me

Wake my darling, wake!

Oops, let me 'transform' really quick

How does it feel to be a midnight snack?

omnomnomnomnomn, slurp

Being a midnight snack took a lot out of Vee. She was weak and shaky for days. If not for the puncture wounds on her neck and whispers overheard about the existence of vampires, she would have had no idea what happened to her. She was so upset at the violation of her home and body she spent all of her off time researching vampires and how to protect herself from them.

Bonus shot of all the signed poster she received from being a social media personality and making it to the top of the career!!