Friday, August 1, 2014

Generation 2 - Chapter 6

Constance got the bad news that her one and only friend, Meadow, died. She went to offer condolences to Titus and Don. They didn't let her stay long.. 

Apparently Meadow was quite wealthy and as soon as she was in the ground, Don took Titus and bought the biggest mansion he could find .

"I don't know how much longer I can stay here. I hope to get promoted soon, but even with some extra money the housing market is tough. I have GOT to get away from my mother!" 

When she wasn't weeping and moping about, Constance was sobbing over her computer. She was even more unpleasant than usual.

Generation 2 - Chapter 5

Since Jane didn't have any LTW or Job aspirations I gave her the jack of All Trades LTW when she aged to YA. The day after her birthday she grabbed a paper and applied for the first job she saw: Kitchen Scullion at the local coffee house.

With Jane at work most of the time, Constance really got on a roll with her writing.

Jane met, and immediately hit it off, with a co worker, Cory.

Cory's family is VERY rich and Jane would often spend time with him in their pool.

Talk about chemistry! 

What Jane doesn't know is that Cory is expecting a child with his girlfriend, JOAN! 

Generation 2 - Chapter 4


"It's my BIRTHDAY mother! I deserve a party for once! You're just going to have to deal with it!"

"This isn't over, child." 

Joan thought the whole exchange was wonderful.

"You're lucky I don't kick you out of this house right now! Get these people out of here." 

"YOU! Who said you were welcome in MY house?"

"Don't mess with me b*tch, I'll mess your world all up." 

"I think it's time for cake!" Someone called out. Just in time too, things were getting ugly.

Joan as a YA



"Jane, honey, I'm sorry I over reacted. You're right. You deserve a party." 

"It's, um, a nice party. Really"

"Listen Jane, thanks for having me over. But just a word of advice, I wouldn't listen to a word that comes out of that woman's mouth." 

"Yeah, she freaks out kind of easy. She does try sometimes. I just don't think she knows how to be a mom. Thank goodness I'm old enough I don't have to listen to her anymore. As soon as I have enough money saved up, I am OUT of here! Did you like your cake?" 

Jane graduated Valedictorian and was voted Most Likely To Never Leave The House. 

Generation 2 - Chapter 3

Constance needed to get out of the house. She wanted a fresh perspective to help get the creative juices flowing. But not a big change, mind you. She walked across the street to the library.... 

"Mom? MOM?" 

Jane was not about to let such a rare opportunity pass her by 
"How soon can you guys get here?" 

She was going to throw herself a birthday party. There was even going to be cake! 

She invited everyone she new. Even her dad and sister. It was her birthday too after all. Better get a second cake! 

"Thanks for helping me set up Titus, I'm glad we're still friends" 

"I've never had a party before. Do you think it's going ok? I got us both vanilla cakes. I hope you like it" 

Apparently Hal was flirting with the teenage girls that were there...

"What is all that noise? Where did all these cars come from? JANE!" 

Generation 2 - Chapter 2

Feeling brave and extra lonely, Jane looked up her dad's address. 
"Let's see what I've been missing out on. He has a nice house, that's for sure." 

"Uh, hi. Dad?" 
I didn't think I could be so nervous! Should I have called first? What am I doing? He probably doesn't want me here. Of gosh! Oh gosh! 

MUCH to her surprise, Hal seemed excited to see her. He invited her right in and never stopped talking.

Does he ever shut up? 
Jane was thinking this was a bad idea for a different reason now.

While Hal was in mid sentence, Jane turned away. Joan was home. So this is my twin, huh? She looks familiar, I guess I have seen her around school. 

After a long awkward silence they both started talking at the same time.

Jane couldn't remember anything either of them said but there was an oddness about Joan. Something....sinister.

Hal mindlessly interrupted, not noticing the death look Joan gave him. He seemed ecstatic that Jane was there and wanted to tell her his life story. Like he needed to prove to her that he was a good guy and not some deadbeat that walked out on her. 

He even gave her a tour of the house. Jane knew meeting him was the reason she was there, but now that Joan was home she was more interested in getting to know her sister. 

Don't you ever stop talking? 

She wanted to know all there was to know about the family life she missed out on. Joan was very tight lipped and had nothing nice to say about their father. 
"Hey, at least you had a father. He seems like on okay guy. You have a big house and even a dog! My mother only yells at me. We don't even have a TV!" 

"Things aren't as great here as you think. 'Grass is always greener'...or how ever it goes. I can't wait to get out of here. I have big plans and a law loving idiot like Hal is not going to stop me."