Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fatima's Bachelorette Challenge; Challenge 2. One on one friendly time

First thing in the morning I was asked to talk to the producer. Apparently during the night some unexpected things had happened. The producers had decided, based on my text, that David Irizarry should leave. They didn't want anyone there that made me uncomfortable. Drama was ok, but not awkward silence I guess. Bad for ratings or something. While they were busy trying to get him to leave quietly they ran into Rory Whitewater trying to sneak out in the dead of night. He got hostile with them when they tried to make him stay. He said something about a family emergency back home.

I felt awful! Two guys gone already and one was definitely my fault! If I had known Rory was going, I would not have said anything about David. 

The show must go on, he told me. Today was another getting-to-know-you kind of day. I would have to bring up 3 friendly topics with each guy then let the guy take the lead from there.

I waited in the lounge for the first guy to come in. Drinks wouldn't hurt would they?

When Jeremy arrived we chatted over chilled lemonade and gossiped about what had happened the night before with Rory sneaking out. Apparently the guys were not surprised at that the pixie took off, but they were surprised that David had been eliminated without an official going away as they had been told it was an optional elimination day.

Gavin strolled into the room and began flirting with me before I could even say 'hello'. I eventually got my 3 topics in but he was more interested in giving me a massage and complimenting me. Who was I to complain about a back rub and sweet words? His confidence and charm were very attractive.

 I had a wonderful conversation with Kenton though it was a little curious that he was still wolfed out. But he made sweet promises to wine and dine me sometime. He too wanted to gossip but I think he was trying to get an idea of how he stood against the other competitors.  He too mentioned the unexpected elimination and the runaway pixie.  I tired my best to reassure him by reminding him that the fewer the guys, the more time we would have together....

Fidel came down still in his pajamas and bleary eyed. He was pleasant to chat with and things were just getting interesting when we were interrupted by Gavin. This wasn't a date so it wasn't against the rules for him to jump in but I was surprised. Surprised that Fidel was more excited to talk to the vampire than to me!

I wandered over to the indoor pool to meet up with Tarick. I sure love the no-shirt no-problem attitude of this place! We chatted. We flirted. Then he treated me to a show of magic! He told me he was a warlock and could perform REAL magic and when I asked for a demo, he was more than happy to oblige. How amazing! I had no idea magic was real. But I guess if there are vamps and werewolves, why not warlocks too!

 August came in looking for me while I watched Tarick. I immediately started chatting it up with him but it did not go well. He was miffed at having to wait while I watch "silly magic tricks". Apparently he was an accomplished Wizard himself. I asked him to tell me more but he was still too irritated with Tarick.

I left to go find Chad but I ended up having to wait for someone to get him a towel. Apparently Fidel had hidden his cloths while he was in the hot tub! It was worth the wait though. Yuuummy! He handled it all very well. I think I would have been too self conscious to talk to someone wearing only a towel but he acted like it was an everyday kind of thing. oh myyy!

Last and certainly not least was Ryan. I had a LOT of fun goofing around with him. I'm pretty sure that we would be able to have a good time together no matter what we were doing! It's great being around someone with the same sense of humor.

It was definitely an elimination day and I did NOT want to do it. I went up to my room early to think about my decision. Spending the day getting to know these guys was so fun. Deciding who to send home was not so fun. I had asked the producers if we could skip the elimination this time because we had seen 2 bachelors go the night before but they wouldn't budge.  Maybe when we get closer to the end, they said, but not now.
 Finally I decided that it had to be Fidel Yavari. We had not had a very good time this morning. It was clear he'd rather play tricks on the other guys or smarm up to the vampire than hang out with me. Why come be a bachelor on a bachelorette show if you just want to hang out with the guys?


I am using the point values from MC to determine who leaves.

C 1:                                                         C 2:
1-Gavin Fields 22.31                            1-Gavin 38.24
2-August Ralston 15.13                        2-Tarick 32.61
3-Kenton Landgraab 13.95                   3-Kenton 29.57
4-Chad Blackthorn 13.53                      4-Chad 28.06
5-Tarick Dawes 13.05                           5-August 27.08   
6-Jeremy Crawford 10.44                     6-Ryan 24.87 
7-Ryan Trimble 8.26                             7-Jeremy 20.88  
8-Fidel Yavari 7.32                               8-Fidel 12.79
9-Rory Whitewater 5.22
9-David Irizarry 5.22

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fatima's Bachelorette Challenge; Meeting the guys

When the limo dropped me off in front of the castle, A Freaking Castle! I knew this was going to be awesome! This is what I have been waiting for! I was finally on The One!
I ran to the top of one of the towers, completely ignoring the producer and his staff waiting to talk to me. I had to see for myself.

Isla Paradiso. One of the world's most beautiful destinations. And I was here in a castle to be surrounded by hot men all competing for my attention. I wonder if they'd let me do it again if I just can't choose a guy??

I finally gave in and went back downstairs to talk to the impatient people. I can't help it if I'm super excited! They handed me a heavy stack of manila folders filled with pictures and bios on all the guys. There would be 10 this cycle. They would all be arriving tomorrow and I was to have a meet and greet with each of them as they came in. Some lady in a bad pant suit went on and on about the rules and obligations but I was too busy ogling the pictures in the files. These were some fine looking men. I have never been so happy to be somewhere that walking around in a bathing suit was totally expected! This was going to be so much fun!

I decided to explore the house and see what it had to offer. There was an indoor AND an outdoor pool. This is the life I'm tellin ya!

After a good swim (in both pools!) I decided to end the day skinny dipping in the hot tub. It was in an hidden little alcove off the main balcony. The perfect place for some one-on-one dates. Too bad Cher couldn't come out here for a visit. This place would do her some good. And maybe the sight of half naked, attractive men would make her realize that they weren't so bad after all.

The next morning I was all ready to go for another swim when the guys started showing up. Today was all about meeting them and getting  that first impression. The show people said elimination on the first day wasn't a must but if there was anyone I just didn't click with, I could ask them to leave by the end of day. I didn't want to send ANY of them home based on their profiles! But I guess that would defeat the point of the show. Let the best man win, I say.

First up was a guy named Fidel Yavari. His bio said he was a Clumsy Diva with a side of Evil Genius topped with some irresistibility.  Of course we talked about how great the castle was. I mean, we're in a castle!

Then I met Jeremy Crawford. He was said to be Friendly, Handy, and had a Green Thumb. I could also tell he had a Great Sense of Humor and he bragged about being a Great Kisser. We definitely had some chemistry but I couldn't help thinking he'd be a good match for Cherish.

Ryan Trimble. Wow did he have some amazing eyes! His bio told me that he was a Party Animal. I could tell he was very Charismatic, had a Good Sense of Humor and wasn't afraid to Flirt a little. He too mentioned his mad Kissing skills.

"Do you color your body hair pink?!"
"It's not pink, it's purple and it's all natural."
I may not have started the convo off right with Tarick Dawes, he was much more serious than the 2 men I talked to before him. He was an inspiring Sculptor so he was very Artistic. I could tell he was here looking for true love and not just a good time. A true Hopeless Romantic. He admitted that he was a Night Owl and when he stayed up late no one can wake wake him in the morning because he's such a Heavy Sleeper.

As soon as Gavin Fields walked in the door I knew there would be a spark. He is the first vamp I had met other than 'Uncle' Ephriam back home. Mom didn't like talking about Vampires but I had heard they were very dangerous and rarely good people. But Gavin was Good. Good at Flirting and being Friendly. He was very Charismatic and also had a Good Sense of Humor. I don't know if it was animal magnetism or if I was was being hypnotized but I didn't mind!

August Ralston was Friendly and a Genius. We talked about his Love of the Outdoors and his Family. We also talked about how great the castle was. I could tell he was Easily Impressed. He sure was nice to look at with no shirt on!

I had met several Werewolves while off at SimTulane. Apparently there were a lot of them but they hid themselves very well into Human culture that you could never really be sure if someone was one or not. I thought it was very interesting and was amazed that I had never heard of any before uni. David Irizarry was a Dare Devil and introduced himself as a Were right away. His bio said he was Disciplined and Charismatic. I could tell he was being Friendly and Flirty, he had a big personality. 

Chad Blackthorn had the bluest eyes I have ever seen! I felt like I was lost at sea when I looked into them. He definitely was not afraid to Flirt with me and he made promises of Cooking me amazing meals. I had read that he was a bit of a Bookworm and was a Genius and could tell a great joke.

Hello tall, fair, and hairy! There were TWO wolves in the house. Kenton Landgraab sure knew how to lay it on thick. With his Flirty Charismatic attitude he told me that seeing me talk to other guys brought the wolf out in him. Just looking at him told me he was Athletic and he knew how to make me giggle with a Good joke. He was another with a Good Sense of Humor. Good thing I'm a girl that loves to laugh!

Last but not least, I met Rory Whitewater. He was an Artist that relied on his Luck and Irresistible personality to get by. I had also read that he was a bit of a Perfectionist but made a point of being Friendly. I was instantly attracted to him! I told him how excited I was to see another Fairy but he immediately shut down on me. He told me in a not-so-friendly way that he was a Pixie not a Fairy. After that it was kind of hard to get the conversation flowing again.

As I climbed into bed in the wee hours of the morning I had to admit to myself that there was a lot more to this dating show stuff than they made it look on TV. I laid there for a while thinking about all the guys I had met. So HOT! But I felt a little uncomfortable too. I thought about Rory and how he got so short with me when I called him a fairy. Maybe I should just ask him to leave now? But I was SO excited to see a guy with wings, I kinda wanted to give him another chance. Then there was David. He came on so strong! So did the other guys but for some reason, it was a turn off with David instead of a turn on. I sighed to myself and grabbed my cell phone. I shot a quick text to the producers about it. I'll let them decide I thought as I finally felt ready to sleep.

This is my first Bachelorette challenge so bear with me.
I would like to thank Jazen, Piazzagirl1015, Shafer249, Sweetnightingale, Pinksparkles3475, BekahSue, and Hollyhocksfluff for donating bachelors to my challenge.

I would like to note that Jazen's Gregory Erickson was supposed to have Rory's spot but for the life of me I couldn't get him downloaded!

Also I strayed a bit from their backgrounds and wrote them based on traits and actions towards Fatima., I hope no one minds >_<