TS4 Going Solo Iron Man

If you are wondering what the Iron Man Challenge is, please see the bottom of the rules adapted for The Sims 4 playing style.

This is going to be more of a documentary than a full fledged story as I take a single sim through all the aspirations and careers currently offered in the new Sims game. 

If you are interested in DL my sim or would like to see more of my creations look me up and follow me in the gallery. My name is Vuneca.

Let's see where this takes us shall we?

This is Vee
This is Vee's House. She lives in Oasis Springs.
Vee had a twin sister that lived in Willow Creek but she met her demise in the stomach of a cowplant...
Vee's beginning Aspiration is Fortune. She wants to be "Fabulously Wealthy - This Sim wants to get rich and have a successful career!" With a "Bonus Trait: Business Savvy - Business Savvy Sims earn more than the standard rate from Careers"

The reason she's hunched over that desk in that super comfy orange chair is because her Beginning career is Tech Guru and she is going to pursue the branch of eSport Gamer.

Her hobbies include:
Fishing (isn't the water pretty!)

and scaring local bar goers with stories of invading robots!

Completed Aspirations                                 Completed Careers

1-Fabulously Wealthy (Fortune)                  1-eSport (Tech Guru)
2-Freelance Botanist (Nature)                      2- Creator of Worlds 
3-Renaissance Sim (Knowledge)                      (Writer)
4-Bestselling Author (Creativity)             3- Interstellar Smuggler    5-Body Builder (Athletic)                                   (Astronaut)
6-Serial Romantic (Romance)                     4- Athlete 
7-Computer Whiz (Knowledge)                  5- Social Media 
8- Chief Of Mischief (Deviance)                     (Internet Personality) 
9- Nerd Brain (Knowledge)
10- Party Animal (Popularity)
11- Mansion Baron (Fortune)
12- Angling Ace (Nature)
13- Outdoor Enthusiast (Nature)
14 - The Curator (Nature)
15- City Native (Location)
16- Leader of the Pack (Popularity)
17- Friend of the World (popularity)

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  1. LOL love the ghost story at the end! Good luck to Vee on her quest. I've never played with the cowplant, ever. Looking forward to seeing her progress.

    1. I usually avoided it in ts 3 because I accidentally killed too many people. Now in ts 4 there is a chance of just their mood being absorbed and then you can milk it..it ate my Sims husband and she got a focusing elixir that lasted 2 day. But then there is always the chance of death. The plant is a lot harder to come by now and it will die if you do t feed it often. Glad you enjoyed my snippet

  2. Good start. Me too, I never played with the cowplant. I find it a bit weird and way to dangerous to my sims lol.

    1. Haha. Yes they are dangerous! I wish there was a way to specify what type of Sims it can eat. Like enemies, or elderly, or anyone not in the household....