Saturday, December 20, 2014

Generation 8 - Chapter 25

It had been nearly two months since Cherish had met Daric and had that fight with Fatima. The two girls had pretty much avoided each other ever since. It made Cherish's heart ache a little but Fatima seemed too busy to even notice  that Cherish was still there.

She and Daric had only spoken a couple of times about the house. He was a very busy man considering he was supposed to be a retired old farmer. Cherish still had not decided if she wanted to move or not.And that was even assuming the man decided to sell her his house. He made it very clear from the beginning that he wouldn't sell unless he found the right person to take care of it.

Cherish had begun wondering if Wind had a secret online romance based on the amount of time she spent on her computer. Very out of character for her. She always shut her laptop or x-ed out the screen when she came near. More than once Cherish turned to Fatima to make a joke about the idea of GG with a boyfriend but Fatima was never there. She had begun dating some boy in her class regularly and was out with him all the time. 

Some days were harder than others and she found that beating the crap out of the dummy was a good way to relieve some of her frustration. What did she have to be frustrated about anyway? Her life was easy. Granted, she didn't have Fatima to talk to anymore. GG was becoming more and more distant to them all and Mikey was a great companion, but it wasn't the same as having a real friend. She enjoyed talking to Daric, but they barely knew each other. She argued with herself and told herself not to be so negative. Fatima was moving on with her life. Her Birthday was in a couple of weeks, then she would graduate and go off to college. Hooray for her, right? She, Cherish, would buy that house and move out and on with her own life. right? Maybe?

"Hey Cher! I was wondering if you could do us all a fav and wash your stinky dog before the party starts? And please don't be all covered in dirt when people get here either!"

Cherish stopped what she was doing and just looked at Fatima. They barely spoke to each other anymore and when they did it was usually Fatima making some snarky comment to her or to the room in general.

"Listen.." Sigh Fatima "I'm not trying to make you mad or anything, it's just, well, it's my big birthday. Can you at least try to pretend you care? We used to do these together, remember?"

As Cherish washed Micky she lost herself in thought. She remembered their shared birthdays and the crazy gifts they used to get each other. How Fatima had always gone out of her way to make sure Cherish didn't get overwhelmed. But she wasn't so sure she liked this new Fatima. Even GG seemed to get frustrated with this new attitude. Was it because Fatima was a head strong teen? Or because of their fight? Or was it some other reason. 
"I guess we'd actually have to talk to each other for me to know that huh Micky?"

Cherish found Fatima putting on her makeup.

"Hey. Fat. I'm sorry if I have't been very supportive to you lately. You're right, this is your big birthday and I'm sorry I haven't been more excited for you. It's awesome that you're going off to college soon and if you do ever get on that show you like, I'll watch every episode!" Her words sounded flat even to herself. She wanted to bridged the gap between her and Fatima, but she wasn't sure if it was too late or not. Things were very awkward between them now.

Fatima gave Cherish her 'yeah right' look

"If you promise not to tell GG, I'll tell you a big secret.."

Fatima's eye's lit up with excitement. She always loved a good secret. And just like that it was like old times again. 

"I'm looking at a house to buy. I might move out soon too!"

Things were a lot less strained between the girls. Not perfect nit just the fact that they were both trying made an obvious difference. Small things like apologies and secrets between just the two of them can go a long way. The family came over for a big celebration and Cherish cheered the loudest.



Bonus shots:

I guess that's what you get for playing with blow torches!

Somehow this stray cat wandered into the house so Wind adopted it.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Generation 8 - Chapter 24

It was very cold and wet waiting for Daric to meet her. Cherish had arrived a few minutes early for the tour of the house. She was already impressed by what she saw, even though everything was covered in a blanket of snow. It was definitely quiet this far out of town. She could just barely see the lights coming from Main street beyond the treeline. This plot of land was on a hill so she imagined she would be able to see for miles on a clear day.
She wished the benches had more cover so she could sit and wait without getting her bottom all wet.

"Ahh, Miss Solo! I hope you haven't been waiting long. I'm Daric."

He was an older man, slightly stooped but still gave off an aura of energy and strength. As she shook his hand she knew he had spent many long hours tending to the variety of plants now dormant in his garden himself. There was an immediate connection. This is someone she could talk to and he would listen. Someone that could teach her some things about her trade. Someone she could actually relate to.

"Let's get on with the tour shall we? You've seen the outside, lets go in where it's warm."

The door opened up into the living room. Cherish appreciated the cozy feel the place even with it's open floor plan. The walls were lined with bookshelves, the decor was very rustic and homey. The kitchen was more modern than she imagined from the outside look of the house but she could appreciate having updated appliances and plumbing in an old house.

He had plants in every room and Cherish just loved it. There were tall windows to let in lots of light but she knew she wouldn't have to worry much about privacy because of how far away the closest neighbor was. Overall it had that feeling of comfortable seclusion. It was old but well taken care of. It was perfect.

They talked for a bit about price, how old certain items were. What he would be leaving with the house and what he would take. Any problems he'd had to fix. He also asked Cherish a lot about her gardening skill and what she envisions about the house should she want to change anything. Time passed very quickly as they got into a long discussion about plants and the pros and cons of starting seedlings indoors. Cherish felt her pocket vibrate and when she looked it was a text from Wind.
"it's late, where r u?"

Cherish was surprised to see that it was nearly midnight. She sent GG a quick response and apologized to Daric for staying so late. She walked out the door with him telling her how much he enjoyed their conversation and that he hoped to hear from her again soon.
She drove home thinking more about the easy conversation she had had than the house she was supposed to be considering. She couldn't remember the last time she talked to someone that enjoyed gardening as much as she did! Her heart felt lighter than it had in months. It felt like it used to after hanging out with Fatima. 
But Fatima was leaving soon. 

Cherish jumped in the shower when she got home, after sticking her head in Wind's room to tell her she was home. The shower was more to get warm than anything else. Driving across town on a scooter in the snow was cold business!


Cherish roared. Her hair was blue. Blue! What was Fatima thinking? Was this supposed to be funny? Was it payback for not supporting her dream to be on that dating show? She was going to KILL her! It took and extra 20 minutes to wash all the dye out then Cherish went looking for her former friend.

"What it wrong with you? Are you twelve again or something? Was that supposed to be funny??"

"Yeah. It was funny! I'm sure you looked ridiculous. I was trying to get you to lighten up. You used to be fun! We used to have a good time. Now all you do is mope and complain! it wouldn't hurt you to have a little fun once in a while!"

Cherish and Fatima yelled and argued and screamed at each other. Turns out Cherish wasn't the only one missing their friendship.

"You're still in high school Fat, I'm not. I have a business. It's harder than you think. I can't do all the things you do anymore. It's weird for me to hang out with you when your friends are over. We can't do the things we used to do....."

"Then we find new things to do! Look, I know you're all 'grown up' now or whatever, but you don't have to treat me like a little kid! I will be 18 soon, then I am leaving for SimTulane. If you want to be an old fuddy duddy now, that's your choice, but stop talking down to me! I like boys, I like fun, I'm going to be on TV one day! You used to listen to me when I talked about these things. You used to support me!"

And she marched off.

Cherish wasn't quite sure how to process all of that. She hadn't been talking down to Fatima, had she? She knew she had less patience for the high school silliness she saw Fatima get into. Perhaps she could be more supportive.

"Once she goes off to uni and grows up a little we'll be on the same page again. I guess."

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Iron Man Update 7

I was having a terrible time with Vee and getting to the top of the writing career but I finally did it yay!

While she was working hard on that I also completed the Serial Romantic ASP and Computer Whiz ASP. The comp whiz asp is what clued me into the fact that you can not (or at least I don't know a work around) do BOTH branches of a career. If you go back and try and get a job in a career you've already completed, i starts you at the lowest lvl of the branch you already chose. (This can complicated certain ASP so be careful!) 

The game started glitching a bit so I thought another move was in order. And since she had over 1 mil in the bank I bought this place.

Vee met some interesting neighbors. I forgot I added this one....can you recognize him?

 Even after all her romances Ignatius is the sim she kept having wishes to be with. So I gave in and made him her boyfriend. He's an elder, but they're adorable together and when I move onto the next romance asp and fam asp, he's going to be the one (I made sure to turn off aging so he'll still be around for it)

 Now Vee is working on the last Knowledge ASP and trying to become an Astronaut. Making sure to fit in time for romance now and then too....

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Generation 8 - Chapter 23

It was definitely winter. The snow had been coming down for days. The schools were closed and so were most businesses. Cherish had only brought 3 of her more popular plants inside to keep up with so it never took very long to tend them. She had begun spending more time practicing with the sim fu dummy or watching TV with Fatima. Fatima was miffed at Wind for not allowing her to go on a ski trip with a group of friends over the winter break that was coming up. Cherish suspected it was because the 'friends' were a bunch of guys. Fatima never did anything that brought about a bad reputation, Cherish just didn't understand why she wasted so much time thinking about boys.

"Don't tell my mom, but I sent my video audition into The One! Do you think I have a chance?? I want this SO BAD!"

"uh...Fat, don't you have to at least be 18 to be on a show like that? You've made me watch enough episodes to know that the people at the end of it get married and stuff."

"Well...yeah. But-"

"What about uni? You already got into SimTulane U. You'll lose your scholarships if you don't go!"

"Why do you care if I go to uni? I thought the only thing you cared about was your plants? Whatev, they'd be lucky to have me on that show."

After that Fatima stormed off in a huff. She and Cherish seemed to rub each other the wrong way more and more often these days. Their interests were taking them in far different directions and while Cherish seemed to have already settled into her idea of life, Fatima was still searching. 

"I may be very involved in my gardening but it is a business after all. Nothing as silly as chasing boys and making a fool of myself on TV, I mean really." She muttered to herself.

Just then her phone rang with an unknown number.


"Hello Miss, I am looking for Cherish Solo. My name is Daric. Ephriam gave me this number."

Oh dear! Thought Cherish. Grandpa had really been serious about looking at some house!
 They had a very short conversation. Apparently the man was getting older and was thinking about moving to another town to be near family. But only if he could find the right buyer for his house. He was very particular about that and said it more than once. He listed off the the selling points in a no nonsense kind of way. It sounded very nice. Large established garden. Fully fenced. One bedroom and one bath. A modern kitchen. Recently redecorated. On the outskirts of town at the end of a dirt road. No neighbors. 

It sounded perfect to Cherish and she agreed to meet him for a look when he got off work the next night.

Cherish bloomed her plants while she mulled over the idea of having her own house out in the country. It sure did sound good right now. She wouldn't have to deal with anyone else's problems or watch stupid shows. Her thoughts were interrupted by GG pulling out her blow torch and casually asking who she had been talking to.

If that wasn't bad enough June had decided to come out that night as well. Cherish tried her best to ignore her as she bloomed her plants again for more of a harvest. She didn't want any more weird conversations about the future with it's crazy, imaginary catastrophes. She had enough on her mind already.

Cherish had an odd feeling that June had painted this just for her.  Did she know that she Cherish thinking about moving out?

Bonus Shots
 Burglar! This made me lol because of the ghost cat hissing at the alarm

Yay Snow!

Did you guys know you can check your horoscope on this thing and it gives you a moodlet? Cherish always gets a negative one saying something bad is going to happen and Fatima always gets a positive one. >:-p

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Generation 8 - Chapter 22

Cherish made a point of spending more time with Mikey. In the past they hung out quite a bit, he was always nearby as she went about her day. But she had never actually trained him for anything. He didn't know any tricks. He never came when called and she had heard some dogs were good for hunting. She figured since Fatima was off being Miss Popular Student Body President, Mikey could fill in as bff.

He learned so quickly and was being so good she decided to reward him with a new squeak toy
(mostly I just love this picture and needed a reason to post it ^_^)

Snowflake day was coming soon and everyone was extra jolly. Cherish never felt jolly. Even though Fatima and GG were the only ones in the house besides herself, she was beginning to feel suffocated. They always wanted her to sing holiday songs with them or talk about presents or even help decorate. This year she just wasn't in the mood. This was Fatima's last Snowflake day before she became and adult and GG was going over board to the point where she seemed strained. Or maybe it was her interior design business? Or the fact that she was spending more time on her computer than before. Cherish was beginning to think everyone was acting weird but herself. 

To get away from all the forced happiness Cherish slipped out of the house and headed to Grandma Maya's. Maybe it was time to consider taking her up on her offer? It was winter. All her plants were dead or dormant so in the spring she would have all that work of getting things going again anyway. Maybe the extra work of moving them to a new place wouldn't make that big of a difference?

Unfortunately the house was much smaller than she remembered it from her childhood. Usually when she spent time with Maya and Ephriam, they came to her house. They had a nice fenced in yard but it was for their 3 dogs! It only had one bedroom and that obviously that was for her grandparents. Why on Simearth had grandma Maya offered her a place to stay in the first place? Did she think sleeping on their couch would be better than sharing a room with her former BFF? Gosh, if she really wanted to, she could have moved into Brenton's old room. It just sits there empty now.

She was happy to see that there were no decorations or holiday music. Grandpa Ephriam had a wonderful antique chess set so Cherish challenged him to a game. He wasn't much of a talker, which Cherish loved. He didn't try telling her what she should do or who she should be. He didn't even bring up her parents, the holidays, or tell any stories.
For hours and hours they played. What little talking they did do had to do with her plants, the game, and how she was tired of Wind's and Fatima's holiday excitement. It was nice to not have to keep up a conversation. Nice to have someone that just sat and listen if and when she did feel the need to speak.

"Have you ever thought about getting your own place? There are several cottages on the market right now. Have you  made enough with your business to purchase a house? I know your parents had a nest egg that Wind kept aside for your future as well."

"'s just...maybe? I'm not sure GG would like that idea. I think any money she set aside for me was to pay for uni."

"Maybe, but you're an adult now. Wind will get over it. I think she feels extra protective of you because of everything that happened when you were a baby. Try not to be angry with her for it. It's just how she is showing her love for you.
She has enough on her hands with Fatima, anyway. I know of a place that's coming up for sale that I think it would be perfect for you. Would it be ok if I give the owner your number?"


Cherish was not so sure about it but she didn't want to hurt Ephriams feelings. He was only trying to help. She had never really imagined herself living alone or owning her own place, and she had to admit that even though GG drove her crazy some days she knew it was out of love and concern. She just assumed she'd always live with GG Wind and Fatima.....but Fatima would be leaving for uni in another year or so.

later that night

It was late and the girls were in bed. Wind was cleaning up the kitchen before heading to bed herself. She was pretty sure Elgon and Brenton had never been so hard to keep up with. These girls and their unpredictable moods was enough to keep any parent up late. What was she going to do about Cherish? Was being a gardener enough? She seemed so content, unless she was brooding and being depressed. There was no in between for her. And Fatima! That child was hard to keep track of. All over town, phone bill through the roof! 
As she put the last dish in the dishwasher and turned it on to run overnight she got a text from Ephriam.

"Meet me at the festival grounds. I have news"

Running off to the festival grounds in the middle of the night was the last thing she wanted to do so she called him instead.

"What is going on? Can't you just tell me over the phone like a normal person?"

"I'd rather talk face to face. We need to compare notes and I don't want the girls to over hear you talking."

"Fine! I'll be there in 15."

With a huff she got dressed and left to meet the paranoid vampire

 "Thank you for meeting me so late. I just don't want to worry the girls unless we have to. Have you heard anything new? I got another email from Master Albert and things sound...concerning."

Fighting down the sudden icy feeling in her throat-
"Master Albert? N-n-n-no, I haven't heard anything new. How long has he been messaging you? The last I heard there had been a couple disappearances and a single body found floating off the coast."

"Master Albert has certain fears and has been requesting my.....expertise. He wants me to go back. He wants all of us to go back."

 For a while Wind stood there motionless. Her thoughts colliding like 2 freight trains at full speed.

"Are you sure he's not just over reacting? This has nothing to do with us. What could we possibly do anyway? There is no way we're going back! We left for good reasons. I for one am not getting dragged back into their politicking and I suggest you don't either. It's just drama." 

"I'm not sure that that's all that's happening."