The Going Solo Challenge Rules

Hello! My name is Vuneca and I am an avid simmer, among other things. I created the Going Solo challenge as a break from other themes of game play. The original post for this challenge is here in the Stories and Legacy forum on The site. There you will also find MANY GREAT stories from other Going Soloists. I hope you enjoy or maybe even try it yourself.

The Rules
This isn't your average legacy challenge.  The goal is to achieve ALL LTWs and reach the top of ALL possible careers/professions without repeating any. You can only have ONE child per generation.

-Start with a single sim. Any sim in any world on any time frame you want.

- Your sim can have ONE child ONLY. By pregnancy or adoption.

-No one else in the house. NO spouses, NO roommates, NO siblings. If your sim has a multiples birth, pick one baby and move the other(s) in with the other parent. (I go into "edit town" to accomplish this).
*The exception is grand children and great grandchildren if your eldest sim still lives when future generations have their one child.
**If it's essential for your story you can have an NPC roommate

-ITF plumbots - You can have ONE plumbot as part of your family but they can not add to the family funds (no career or job), have families of their own (via MODs), or contribute toward completed LTWs. I would set them up to be the nanny/housekeeper and try to direct them as little as possible. no simbots unless you make them a NPC [though I still recommend against them]
(the reason I say no simbots is because they are not task specific like plumbots are. They are just like a reg sim, which would be against the focus of this challenge)

-Each generation must have a unique LTW and job. No repeats! (depending on which expansions you have, if you achieve ALL the LTWs but not all the jobs, you can then start to repeat the LTW while you finish working through the jobs. Or vice versa. But not before!)

-Each child should inherit at least one trait from each parent (unless adopted of course)

-Do not let your child be taken by social services!

-Based on which EPs you have you should try to go through all the dif occult sims as well.

My Tips:

I recommend against the longest aging setting. This could be a very long challenge.

I recommend waiting until your sim is fully adult before having their one child. You can have a multi-generational household if you wish.

I personally don't use any cheats unless it's vital to my storytelling or to fix a problem with in the game itself . I use Story ProgressionWoohooerConsignerMaster Controller, and Overwatch. To me that seems like a lot but I add and remove them based on what I need them for in my story.

I also recommend keeping track of all the LTWs accomplished and Jobs you have reached the top of by writing them down(paper or digital).

Some careers have multiple paths. You can count them as individuals if you wish.

To minimize game/save corruption and add challenge to the game, I also recommend changing worlds on regular intervals (i.e. every gen or every 5th). I am trying to hit all the worlds I have as I progress with my own challenge and add depth to the story line.

 Here are guides to all the careers (Career_tracks) and LTWs

LittleMinxUndr wrote:

I use this tool: Imageresizer from
It's a totally free utility under GNU-lisence. It works flawlessly under win8 too. It resizes single pictures to batches of well over a hundred at once. I routiniously resize well over 100 screenshots in under 5 seconds with it.
Image Resizer is fast, makes your screens extremely light-weight which is totally what you want for what you're doing and you have almost no fidelity-loss. 

Also, here's the setting that I wholeheartedly recommend to use: 

I strongly believe that when you start to get frustrated with the rules of a challenge, it stops being fun. These are more like guidelines and suggestions to encourage you to get the most out of your game and have fun! So a little rule breaking for the sake of your story is just fine with me ^_^

If you choose to do this challenge I would LOVE to follow your story. Leave me a link in the comments please.

Happy Simming!


  1. Question, how's the one-child-per-generation rule work when you have to complete the Surrounded by Family LTW?

    1. Hello! Sorry for the late response.

      That is one of the LTWs that clash with the main goal of the challenge so most of use are saving it for last. It's the exception to the rule so to speak. You don't have to save it for last if you don't want, of course, so then I would suggest picking one of the kids as heir and moving them out onto their own asap.

      Let me know if you have any more questions or drop by the forum post with a link to your story if you're writing one. Happy simming!

  2. i am so trying this