Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Iron Man Update 4

(This is more informational than story due adjustments moving from TS3 to TS4) 

I had some major glitches in my game. First I did not realize that the young again potions ONLY effect the AGE your sim is in. So if you're about to age from YA to A then it will set you back to the beginning of YA. If you're an Elder...It only brings you back to the beginning of the elder stage.

Young again potion in hand, Vee threw herself a birthday party! (trying to get another challenge achievement)

THEN I realized that the potion did not taker her back to being a YA like I thought it would. (And I didn't get the plum achievement either)

After some panicking at the fact that testingcheats true > edit in CAS was not doing the trick I was about to throw in the towel and start anew. I eventually remembered that you have to add CAS.fulleditmode in there to be able to adjust the age. (phew!)

Definitely need a cocktail after that fiasco!

Something else that became evident (and confirmed by Crin) CAS.fulleditmode is glitchy! After fixing her age, all her traits, both earned and bought, were gone and she kept resetting randomly. In TS3 moving to a new house (or world) usually solves most probs like this so...

New house! New neighborhood!

Did you know that you can put your collectibles on your bookcases? Awesome!

I hope you guys can learn from my mistakes and I hope even more that EA fixes some of the probs and continue to add cool (and useful) stuff!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Generation 4 - Chapter 7

June noticed over the next couple of weeks that whatever that spell was that Wilson put on her mother had worked a little too well. She seemed spacey and was getting in trouble at work for wandering off. June was worried and relieved at the same time. She was thinking that she was too young to get married after all. She loved Wil with her whole heart but she knew she needed to finish school. Maybe even go to uni. Oh! Maybe they could go together! 

Her mom got called into work over the weekend so June decided to try and contact Wilson. Things had been very quiet lately. No zombies. No bodies in the river. It was almost like those things had never happened in the first place. 

"I'm so glad you called me over. I'm sorry about your mom. My magic is stronger than I thought. With all the wards we've been placing around the town my abilities have grown faster than expected." 

"I've missed you so much!" 

"I'm graduating soon and I want you to come to uni with me" 
"June....There's just no way! I have to stay here, with my people. Just because things have quieted down doesn't mean the danger is over." 

June and Wilson got into their first real argument. She was amazed that he wouldn't even consider going away to school with her. Wouldn't plan the wedding with her. Wouldn't tell her what was really going on. Things got very heated and Wilson was on the verge of walking out when they realized the tension was leading in a different way.... 

Suddenly they couldn't keep their hands off each other. It was like a fire had been lit between them. Fueling them. One thing led to another and they ended up in Tina's room. 

"Are you sure you want to do this?" 
"Heck yeah!" 

"You are the most amazing creature I have ever met!"

"I want to remember this day forever!"

Generation 4 - Chapter 6

"Of course I will marry you! That's when humans declare their mate right?"

"Oh yes. There's a big ceremony, and vows and flowers and....but you usually have to be a grown up and well, I'm not. WE'll have to keep this secret for a while."

"What is going on in here!" Tina bursts into the room causing Wilson and June to jump apart guiltily. "Since when are you allowed to have boys in you're room? Did you even ask me if he could come over? What is that....on your finger........!" 

"Ms Solo, please! I'm Wilson, remember? I'm here to protect you and your daughter!" 
"I don't recall needing any protection. Protection from what? What is going on!" 

"You see, I love your daughter-" 
"And I love him!" June jumped in. 
"We are pledged to be mated" 

At first Tina was speechless. Opening and closing her mouth several times. She couldn't seem to find the words or process the situation. Wilson tried to jump in but he couldn't figure out what to do or say having sensed he went too far and said the wrong thing. June stood frozen to the spot. So much for keeping it a secret! 

"That is ridiculous!" Tina finally managed to say. "You're children! You have no idea what love is! Take that ring off June. And you! Get out of my house!" 

"Mother! This is happening whether you like it or not! I'm in love and we're getting married!" 

They yelled at each other for quite some time before Wilson took action. He stood behind Tina. An aura appeared around him. It seemed to have a soothing effect. Slowly she seemed to run out of steam until finally, she just stared off into space in a dazed fashion. 

"What did you do to her?" 
"Nothing bad. You two were getting very upset. I see a similar confrontation happening when I tell my people. They're not going to like it." 

"Tell her what you want her to know or feel and when the trance lifts it will take effect. While you do that I must leave. I think it would be best if I were not here. I'll talk to you soon, my love." 

Before she could blink, Wilson was gone. He didn't even tell her how long the trance would last! She thought of all the things she'd like to change about her mother. Then thought better of it. Maybe it would be best if she just forgot this whole incident..."

Generation 4 - Chapter 5

Now that she was keeping her eyes open to strange things, June was beginning to notice oddities. The general mood of the town was turning gloomy. It seemed to rain more, making the skies perpetually dark. People seemed less trusting, quicker to anger. 
Or maybe she was just looking into things too much. 

But something was definitely going on. About a week after the full moon there was a rally. Two bodies had been found floating in the river. No one knew who they were or where they had come from. The coroner couldn't even give a cause or time of death. People were worried. 

"Wil. I hope you get my messages soon. Something strange is happening and people are acting weird. Can we meet up or talk or something? Call me!" 

June tried distracting herself but it was no good. Her mom was starting to get upset with her and her slipping grades. How could she possibly concentrate on trivial things like homework when there was a whole other, secret world? 

Suddenly Wilson was there. 
"Sorry to drop in unannounced but I can't risk being seen right now."

"I've been so worried! There were two dead bodies in the river this week! That never happens here. Do you know who they were? Where did they come from? Have the elders decided if they're going to stay?" 

"Calm down, calm down. We don't know who those men were but we do know what killed them. We were close to driving them out. The elders think this was a message to us, retaliation for us fighting back. I know it's scary but we are working around the clock to keep you humans safe. I have put extra wards on your house myself." 

"So what killed them? Why are you hiding things from me? I deserve to know! You care enough to protect me but don't trust me enough to tell me the whole story? I want to know whats really going on. Don't you think that if I knew I'd be better able to protect myself, or even help you?" 

"You have become very special to me June....and I do trust you. It's just that it's not my place to say. I'm sorry! I'm not in the habit of keeping secrets. You have no idea how much trouble I would be in if my clan knew that I was with you, a human. I'm not supposed to even talk to you, much less love you.." 

I could kiss him forever! 

"Please don't worry. I will come and get you if things ever really get bad." 

"When it really comes down to it, I don't care what my people would say about us. Even if the elders decide to abandon this town, I will never leave you. You're mine now." 

June felt a rush of excitement at Wilson's heartfelt words. it was like being in, well, a fairy tale. She didn't care that she was only a teenager. She didn't care that she was too young to buy a house or move out. Those things seemed so unimportant compared to the feelings she had for him. 
"I feel the same way...in fact..." 

"Let's get married! Then no one can stop us from being together!" 

Generation 4 - Chapter 4

June was distracted. 

It had been a week since she last heard from Wilson. She had gone over all the things he had said so many times it felt like her head was stuffed with straw. 
What was going on in the Fae world? Would it be possible to find where they were hiding out? What could possibly be so scary that they were thinking about leaving Riverview. Not that anyone but she would notice..... Why had he even shown himself to her? Oh wait he hadn't...hmmm.... 

On the night of the next full moon she had found a shimmering bottle on her desk with a tiny note; 

"For energy and courage, 
Love, Wilson" 

Energy and courage? Did he say love?? 

On top of all her other worries she now chewed over his note. 
Was it just a standard, run of the mill closing to the note? Maybe he always ends a letter letter with 'love'. Hmmmm 
The thought of him loving her made her insides squirm. And not in a bad way. 

"Well, I'm not going to get any sleep tonight anyway. Bottoms up!" 

June felt WOW, just WOW. She could run a marathon without effort! 
"Where can I get more of this!" 

June had not been telling her mom what she had learned from Wil. She didn't think she'd believe her and didn't want to worry her. Even though she had no clue what was going on, it seemed Tina was feeling the weirdness of the full moon too. She stayed up MUCH later than usual and instead of her normal painting and paperwork, she played her guitar. Something she hadn't done in years. 

June tried to distract herself and give her energy an outlet and worked on her widgets. She was SO close to a major break through! She was no genius, but with that potion flowing through her she felt invincible. 
"History and time travel, here I come!" 

Who knows if throwing herself into her work was what Wilson planned to happen when he left that bottle on her desk, but it definitely kept June inside and busy when a gruesome visitor took interest with the Solo house. 

Generation 4 - Chapter 3

June was tingling with excitement when she got home. 
" Mom! You'll never guess what happened while I was out!" 

Wilson never asked her not to talk about meeting him..... 

June wasn't sure if her mom was believing anything she said but she could tell she was amused by her excitement. 
"I'm so happy you met someone you like so much dear." 

June couldn't wait for Wilson to call her, she had to see him again! 
"Let me take you out to dinner, I promise no one will notice us.." 

It had only been a few hours since they'd parted but it was a relief to see him again. It was like she had known him her entire life. She threw herself into his arms and he didn't hesitate to hug her back. It was divine! 

They had a wonderful time! It was surreal for June. She was bursting with questions while at the same time she felt comfortable and familiar with him. She learned that the fae were a very playful and loving people and were tired of hiding in the shadows. They loved their trees and being out in nature but missed being part of the greater community. They had been driven into seclusion so long ago that no human in the area even remembered the stories of what happened. Fairies were tales told to children. The fae on the other hand still had several living elders that had survived the near massacre of their people. If it wasn't for the thinning of the barrier between the worlds, the fae would still be in hiding, waiting for the world to be ready for their return. But odd things were happening. Things the elders couldn't ignore. Zombies weren't the worst thing that went bump in the night... 

Curfew was coming. June had to get home or risk getting grounded. Before she could think about the possibility of rejection, she had her lips pressed tight against Wil's mouth. Even better, he was kissing her back. It made her scalp tingle and her body get a rush of warmth. 

Suddenly he pulled away. 
"I must go. People are starting to stare. I can't risk being discovered. We....shouldn't meet like this again. I'm sorry....I have to leave..." 

Before she could protest he was gone. People continued to stare and whisper. June was too hurt and confused to pay any attention. She fled to her car. She didn't remember the drive home, the next thing she remembered was locking the door to her room and throwing herself on her bed. 
"What the heck just happened? Why did he leave like that? What's wrong with me?" 

June was in a bad mood. She had not heard from Wilson in over a week. She went back and forth placing blame on herself for having done something wrong, and him for running away without an real explanation. People in school had started whispering about her again. Not that she cared what they thought...but still... 

She tried to stay busy. She started selling her inventions under a pseudonym at the consignment store. She was already halfway to the top of her profession and she was barely 16! 

Occasionally she had to meet up with local artists to pick up work her mom had had commissioned. It was boring, but it guaranteed the got her school work done. 

Out of the blue she received a text from Wilson. 
"Meet me behind the mausoleum. Don't tell ANYONE."

Without thinking she grabbed the keys to the SUV and started out the door. Then she paused. 
Why should I go? He's been ignoring me for weeks now. Does he really think I am just going to jump at his beck and call? But I want to see him. Maybe he doesn't deserve to see me. What if something is wrong? What if he's in trouble?
June stood motionless in the doorway for several minutes going back and forth in her head. She finally decided to go. Her curiosity was powerful. Even if it wasn't what she hoped, she just HAD to know. 

She expected him to already be there and was disappointed at having to wait for him. Finally she peaked around the corner and saw him floating towards her. 
Oh wow, those wings! I won't ever get used to seeing him fly! 

"June! I'm so glad you came. I was worried you wouldn't show. I know you must be mad at me. I'm not supposed to be here, but I just had to see you." 

She new she should be angry, livid even, but all that melted away as she looked into his eyes. He explained how things were getting bad. More and more zombies were appearing. The fae were having a hard time stopping them and hiding their existence. Wilson also hinted at more terrifying things coming around too. Things that scared even the fairy warriors, but when June asked he became very evasive. 

"I'm sorry I can't tell you everything. I want to, I do! But I have been sworn to secrecy. Just know that our best and bravest are hiding in the night to stop the terrors from taking over the humans that live here. The Great Counsel has been meeting for days. There is talk of fleeing and leaving the humans to fight for themselves!" 

"I couldn't bear to leave you, but I'm especially young by fae standards and if the elders decide to leave, I'll have no choice!"

"I'll come see you every moment I can. I need you to promise me that you will never, NEVER, go outside during the full moon. Promise me? I have put enchantments around your house, but they'll only stop things from breaking in, It won't stop them from being near or waiting for someone to come outside." 

After promising him to stay inside, Wilson left. He promised to come see her again as soon as he could. 

Head spinning, June went home. If she could believe in fairies, and not the tinkerbell sort, then she also had to believe in zombies. Not to mention whatever it was that was supposed to be worse. 
I wonder what could be worse than zombies?