Friday, March 4, 2016

Iron Man Update 11

After all her hard work and crazy social life, Vee needed a break. And a change in scenery. 
Hello quiet, secluded, and beautiful beachfront home!

Vee took up the peaceful pursuit of fishing to calm her mind and be still. It was a nice contrast to her day job of being an aspiring sports star.

After being at the top of her two previous careers, it was a little hard to start at the bottom, but she is rising through the ranks quickly thanks to her physical prowess.

In order to become and Angling Ace, she had to try many different locations and learned about a lot of crazy fish.

Beautiful hidden utopias and dark glittering caves helped her achieve the Aspiration.
Good thing that cave had some spare wood and plumbing.....

Since she was collecting so many things, it was time to add on a basement to store them all. She put her fish on plaques (my favorite is the red gummy fish.), her aliens in jars, her statues on their own shelf, and was even able to breed some new species of frogs.

To celebrate her collections J took her camping.
She ate beetles.

Bonus shots:

stargazing bears!

Its a hard life, I tell ya!'

This is her trashy neighbor that I play sometimes. She's 6 kids in to her 100 baby challenge. I guess with cloths like that she doesn't have to worry about stretching anything out.

A random miniature cowplant growing on the sidewalk of another neighbors house. 0.o 
It's so cute!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Iron Man Update 10

Vee was FINALLY able to become and Interstellar Smuggler and got a retro rocket as a reward. That's her 3rd career done! She has decided to become and athlete in the hopes it will be a quick rise to the tops since she has already completed the Body Builder aspiration. While space walking her way up the astronautical ladder she completed the Party Animal aspiration and the Mansion Baron aspiration. 

Her house is large and equipped with the highest quality of, well, everything. Due to multiple EA updates and the addition of EPs and other stuff the game is glitching on me like crazy! Completing the party Animal Asp took MUCH longer than is should have because it took her an HOUR to talk to one sim and she failed and failed and failed to get to the gold level. 

You see those sims in the background? That is who she is supposed to be complimenting on their costumes. But NOOOOO she's just going to sit there and stare at me like "Yeah, no. I'd much rather waste your time and piss you off for making me dress up like a pizza delivery person." 
After much resetting and swearing she finished it and I am ready to move her to a new save file! 

Bonus shots:

I love her space outfit!

 Everyone want's to be like Vee
Well, except that guy on the left -_-

closet lovin' at da club!

Why can't this be my RL?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Iron Man Update 9

Part of my delay in getting updates out is the fact that it takes much longer to get through a career as it does an aspiration. So far Vee has completed 9 aspirations and only 2 jobs. She is very close to the top of her current one though, and there have been some new additions to the game since I last posted....

Vee is currently working on the Astronaut career and has had some fun adventures and brought back interesting things...

With the new expansion she has learned some new games, made some new friends, and got yet another makeover.  If only it was this easy in RL!

One of the Aspirations she has been working towards has been the party one. She really sucks at cook out parties and never makes it passed bronze and I am sure it has to do with the fact that it takes an hour to cook one hot dog on a stick and she needs to cook at least 3 for the main goal...

Or someone sets them self on sitting on a seat that's already in flames...

But at least she's really good at throwing costume parties!

Happy Extremely Belated Spooky Day!