Sunday, July 19, 2015

Iron Man Update 8

I feared poor Vee was lost and I would have to start the challenge over. Luckily that is not the case! I found, with luck amid my confusion, a save file that had not been corrupted by the many updates TS4 has had since the last time I played (Dec!) Minimal game play was lost and it was nothing I had gotten to posting about anyway. So...YAY?

 The last we hear from Vee, she had just moved into a mansion in the fancy part of town, met a former SimGuru, committed her love to an elder, and is trying to get to the top of the astronaut career.
There have been two stuff packs and two game packs released since then. Also more updates than I can bother to keep up with.

Time for a makeover!

 Vee got a hair cut and added several new outfits to her wardrobe. Down the road there is a new community developing and she is eager to try out the new spa...

                             She arrived at the same time as the yoga instructor and was invited to class.                     
"Are you sure you're up for teaching a class? You look a little......uh....tired?"


 Not too bad for a beginner. Must be the maxed out fitness skill and 0% body fat. Being able to put both her feet behind her head doesn't hurt either ;-)

"Phew! It's hot in here!"

Well, yeah. It's supposed to be.

This handsome young man offered her a foot massage.

Then this good looking guy gave her a hot stone massage that will be well remembered.

"Perhaps I should meditate and remind myself that I am no longer working on the Serial Romantic Aspiration in spite of all these yummy new people."

That was very boring but, hey, they have cool fizzy drinks all over the place. Free of charge.

Oh hai! I wasn't expecting to see you here. I wasn't just drooling over young men. I was, uh, checking out the new park! Yeah. That's what I was doing.

Vee enjoyed her day at the spa so much, she added some things to her home so she could enjoy them without waiting on a load screen.

A massage therapy room. In case any of the guys at the spa want to make a house call...

Practice makes perfect.

I am totally jealous of a sim.

Hopefully the game continues to run like it has so far. It's been nice getting some down time to play around with the new packs. I have REALLY enjoyed the 2 that recently released, they go very well together and I am enjoy TS4 more and more.