Sunday, July 19, 2015

Iron Man Update 8

I feared poor Vee was lost and I would have to start the challenge over. Luckily that is not the case! I found, with luck amid my confusion, a save file that had not been corrupted by the many updates TS4 has had since the last time I played (Dec!) Minimal game play was lost and it was nothing I had gotten to posting about anyway. So...YAY?

 The last we hear from Vee, she had just moved into a mansion in the fancy part of town, met a former SimGuru, committed her love to an elder, and is trying to get to the top of the astronaut career.
There have been two stuff packs and two game packs released since then. Also more updates than I can bother to keep up with.

Time for a makeover!

 Vee got a hair cut and added several new outfits to her wardrobe. Down the road there is a new community developing and she is eager to try out the new spa...

                             She arrived at the same time as the yoga instructor and was invited to class.                     
"Are you sure you're up for teaching a class? You look a little......uh....tired?"


 Not too bad for a beginner. Must be the maxed out fitness skill and 0% body fat. Being able to put both her feet behind her head doesn't hurt either ;-)

"Phew! It's hot in here!"

Well, yeah. It's supposed to be.

This handsome young man offered her a foot massage.

Then this good looking guy gave her a hot stone massage that will be well remembered.

"Perhaps I should meditate and remind myself that I am no longer working on the Serial Romantic Aspiration in spite of all these yummy new people."

That was very boring but, hey, they have cool fizzy drinks all over the place. Free of charge.

Oh hai! I wasn't expecting to see you here. I wasn't just drooling over young men. I was, uh, checking out the new park! Yeah. That's what I was doing.

Vee enjoyed her day at the spa so much, she added some things to her home so she could enjoy them without waiting on a load screen.

A massage therapy room. In case any of the guys at the spa want to make a house call...

Practice makes perfect.

I am totally jealous of a sim.

Hopefully the game continues to run like it has so far. It's been nice getting some down time to play around with the new packs. I have REALLY enjoyed the 2 that recently released, they go very well together and I am enjoy TS4 more and more.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fatima's Bachelorette Challenge: Challenge 6; Dance party

Even though we got in late the night before, I was up before the sun. For some reason I was feeling more and more anxious as we got closer and closer to the end. I was here to have fun and get my 15 minutes of fame. I could see in some their eyes that these guys were here hoping for love. Real love. 

All those times I watched the show from my couch I laughed at the idea of any one on the show ending up together in real life. It was all for ratings and entertainment right? Could I see myself having a long term relationship with any of them or was I just being a tease? I had restless sleep and woke up well before I normally do.

Today was Dance Party day.

Maybe it was guilt, maybe it was lack of sleep but I decided to spend the day picturing a real honest future with each man as we had a low stress, high fun time together.

Chad came in first. We danced and laughed. I could tell he was a bit stiff on the dance floor but he really tried to show me some moves and wasn't afraid to flirt. I wonder if we had kids, would they have his eyes?

I was a little nervous to see Kenton in wolf form again but he gave me a big sniff  that made me laugh and feel giddy at the same time. He really knows his way on the dance floor! Don't werewolves mate for life? The idea of having one man, totally loyal, forever was unexpectedly attractive. Then again, I had never really thought about what life will be like in the far future. I wonder what the chances are of having a wolf child instead of a fairy. 

Tarick had good rhythm but he was much more interested in laying on the romance. I'm not sure if it was poetry but he said such beautiful things to me. A girl could get used to that. Could something like that last or would it fade away as our relationship went on? I worry that a man so intent on romancing me would change the second we were married. Does that happen? Would he be this sweet for years and years? I could really get used to being treated this way...

Gavin had that preternatural grace on the dance floor and mesmerizing eyes. Not for the first time did I wonder if he was putting me in a trance. I knew so little about vampires. Could we even be a real couple? Ephriam and Maya  had seemed to get on great together, maybe me and Gavin could too? What would my mother think?! She can't stand vamps! I was tempted to turn the dance date into a 'Lets talk about your kind' date, but I really needed the relaxation a carefree dance can give. Is it true that vamps are attracted to fae blood? Am I just a meal to him or could this electric feeling be genuine?

We finished earlier than anticipated today but I was entirely too tired for anything else. But before I could crawl into bed I had to say goodbye.

Sorry Tarick.

C 6

1-Kenton 71.57
2-Gavin 67.82
3-Chad 64.12
4-Tarick 62.07

Bonus shot


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fatima's bachelorette challenge. Challenge 5: Group outing

We were all starting to get a little stir crazy now. I think the producers planned it that way because it just so happened to be Group Outing day. After the informal date challenge I had to admit I preferred my guys on a one-on-one basis. Things seem to get out of hand when we were all together lately. Maybe it was the stress of the show or the competition getting tougher, but I honestly was not looking forward to being out with all 5 remaining bachelors.

I got myself put together and decided the summer festival was the place to go. Games and prizes, music and cotton candy!

We had water balloon fights, ate ice cream, and even tried skating. I had to make sure to spend a little time just hanging out with each guy as well as doing things as a group.

It was a little uncomfortable after the water balloon fight because I was sopping wet from Gavin hitting me full in the face with one! But I got him back and the sun dried my cloths. It occurred to me later that taking a vamp out on a sunny day was probably not his idea of a good time! Whoops!

I was feeling very playful with all the fun activities and decided to get Kenton back for sniffing and growling at me the other day. He took it well even if he did wolf out. We had a good laugh about it later. I'm glad we're on such good terms and can goof off like this.

Mostly we talked and laughed but it did get steamy on a couple of occasions. Ryan really wanted things to go in a more romantic direction. I was flattered that he wanted to give me this attention but it wouldn't have been fair to all the other guys.

I didn't see much of Tarick, he REALLY enjoys roller skating I guess.

It was quite late when we got back but I had to submit who was to go home before I could head off to bed. Out of the 5 guys remaining I felt Ryan was the one that should go. I felt bad. Especially after the extra effort he had put in with me today. He really is a sweet guy, I just wasn't feeling the chemistry with him as much as with the others. I hope he finds someone that can appreciate him. 

Before turning in for the night, I took a cooling dip in the pool. I had not expected to feel like this. It hurt my heart every time I had to ask someone to leave. I was starting to question the whole things. Forcing a bunch of strangers into a house and telling them they had to fall in love or get out seemed like a horrible idea at the moment. Did those other girls REALLY fall in love? Or was it all acting on camera? And what happens to the guys that are asked to leave? Are they humiliated? Relieved? Angry? I knew I did not want to be the cause of anyone's pain.

C 5
1-Gavin 58.13
2-Kenton 56.18
3-Chad 53.18
4-Tarick 48.63
5-Ryan 48.02

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Generation 8 - Chapter 31

Cherish was enjoying a beautiful day in the garden. The sun was warm on her skin. She could hear the buzzing of bees that were busy collecting pollen from the flowering bushes near the porch. 

Her fiancé was nearby, weeding a potato plant.

At this moment in time, Cherish was in Heaven. Nothing could spoil her tranquility. Okay. Almost nothing.

It's easy to become contemplative while doing some tasks. Watering the plants that the incomplete irrigation system didn't quite reach was one of those tasks.

She still couldn't believe so much had happened in such a short amount of time.

She thought about the long, shocked silence that happened after GG told her what was happening in Hidden Springs. Her stomach still twisted at the thought of it. She shook her head, not wanting to think about that now. They were doing as much as they could. And a lot more, as far as GG was concerned. The house she grew up in was almost unrecognizable now.

She moved on to a parched looking lettuce plant. It needed more shade.

Thinking about how the house was changing lead to thoughts about recent events that had occurred there.

It wasn't all that long ago that she and Daric had sat together on the couch. GG Wind had...not rushed, but....encouraged them to move forward with their relationship.

Cherished blushed at the thought of her GG pushing them to live together!

It was about a week after he had asked her. GG was the one that had invited him over, planned a dinner. She apparently still kept in regular contact with him. Even when Cherish was too caught up in her new feelings and worries. The whole night had taken her by surprise.  She thought things were too crazy to talk about something as trivial as whether she should live with her boyfriend or not. But then..

She hadn't expected to get engaged either.

There wasn't a doubt in her mind that the answer was 'YES'! She still felt that swoop of excitement in her belly just thinking about that night. How could such a small, physical gesture of offering her a ring made her so happy? GG said it wasn't the ring, it was all the promises that come with it.

Wind had her packed up and moved in record time. Daric, her ever patient Daric, never once lost his cool and calm manner. It was like he was content to go at whatever pace Cherish, or in some cases Wind, wanted to go no matter what. Her possessions were few and packing and moving barely took half a day. It was Cherish wrapping her head around the whole thing that took the longest. She knew that this is where she was meant to be, but it still took some mental steps to get there.

She blushed as deep red as the tomato she was picking off the vine to think of their first night together. Actually together. It had been such a powerfully emotional night, she couldn't imagine why so many girls she knew would throw themselves at any guy. Throw away the value, and significance. Did they not understand how intense it was to only share it with someone you were deeply in love with?

She suddenly got up and brushed her knees off. She was very grateful that Daric could not read minds. He'd think she was some sort of pervert for how often she thought of him like that and the nights they spent together.

"GG will be over soon. I'm going to head in and clean up."

Daric nodded to indicate he had heard her. It was the new normal. They had only been living together for a few short weeks, but it felt like this was how it had always been. They spent the majority of their day working together on some project. The garden, building a hen house, installing sprinklers, taking care of the animals. One of the things Wind had asked of her when she moved was to take her dog, of course, and the horse. He deserved land to roam and they definitely had that way out here. Their life together was mostly quiet and peaceful. Just the way she liked it. Then they usually had quiet evenings cuddled up to a movie or relaxing in bed with their books.

Once a week GG Wind would visit. They gathered in the tiny living room to watch The One together. Fatima's ambition to be on the show was finally happening and they were sure to watch each episode. Cherish and Daric were busy building their new life together and Wind was even more busy working with Ephraim to support Hidden Springs. But coming together to watch Fatima's show was something that kept them connected with each other. As much as Cherish wished to avoid it, the Vampire war on the Fae was reaching farther and farther into the rest of the world.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fatima's Bachelorette challenge: Challenge 4; Informal date

Date day was here and I was super excited. Today I was going to spend alone time with each guy with the goal of getting flirty! Too bad we were down to six guys! I wish I could have done this challenge with all ten! The show was keeping the formal date for the last 3 bachelors. Today they had me pick a quiet, out of the way room in the castle to have our 'informal date'.

Things with Kenton started out great. Really great...until he went all wolf man and growled at me! Bad dog! Bad dog!

Thankfully we were interrupted by Chad, who had been waiting on the lower level for his turn. The guys got into an argument and things got a bit ugly. I know I'm not supposed to send anyone away during a challenge but I finally told Kenton to leave and go calm down somewhere else.

I was happy to show my appreciation to Chad for breaking up a tense moment.

Tarick was up next next. We had some goofy, flirty moments until he went on a rant about the hot and humid weather.

August came up after that but it was short lived. Now that the sun had finally come out he was far more interested in using the outdoor pool than flirting with me.

For being a flirty guy, Ryan was not having it! I batted my eyelashes and tried to look sweet and cute but he kept shrugging off my advances and trying to change the topic. After I stopped trying to force the romance we did have a good time. 

I don't know how he does it, but just walking across the room Gavin exudes sexiness. I wonder if it's a vamp thing or a Gavin thing? Ah, who cares as long as it's directed at me!

After all the 'dates' were done I went searching through the house for the source of music I had been hearing. Kenton had de-wolfed himself (FINALLY) and wanted to make things better with me. We spent all 3 of my free time hours slow dancing. Wow! He's more romantic than I thought!

I tried arguing with the producer to let me keep them all but he wasn't having it. I HAD to send one of those tasty men go or I would be the one to go. 

I made my decision then hid in my room. I hated watching them pack up and leave. Giving me looks of rejection. This was supposed to be fun! It was nothing personal. People don't really come on these shows thinking they'd find real love did they? Did they?

Good bye August. Sorry to see you go.



1-Kenton 52.66
2-Gavin 48.2
3-Ryan 46.15
4-Tarick 45.03
5-Chad 44.20
6-August 41.80

Bonus shot

Just a couple of guys sitting naked in a hot tub together