Saturday, March 18, 2017

Iron Man Update 14

 Vee's aspiration is City Native and she is working her way up through the ranks of blogging. Living in a small apartment is a BIG change from her huge house and open yard. And it felt crowded and lonely at the same time. After unpacking the necessities and finding the perfect spot for her new candle shelf (which she haggled for at the flea market and won) she invited Jed over and handed him a freshly cut key to her apartment with the demand that he visit all the time.

Working as a blogger was not what she expected. She enjoyed the freedom of working from home but knew she didn't know the first thing about winning big on social media. She hired a consultant that specialized in PR and the woman often sent her out of her comfort zone to "Get her face out there"

Clearly there was more to this than simply setting up an account and posting updates now and then.....

Then the game took a turn for the worse. After the update that happened around the vampre release Vee got stuck standing next to her bed and no amount of resetting would fix the problem so she had to pack everything up and move to a new apartment. Thankfully there was a place available in the building next door.

It wasn't nearly as nice but it was a bit larger. 

Vee couldn't face unpacking again so soon and decided to just keep the crappy furnishings that came with the place. It was pretty run down and nothing matched...

But that balcony more than made up for it!

She figured she'd make the place more like home as she needed, grabbed her game console, and called her sweetie over. 

 After we break in the TV  wanna break in this couch?

Her 'boss' called the next afternoon and reminded her that if she wasn't being seen, she might as well not exist! There was a bar out in the desert having a 'boys night' and that was the place to get seen and meet people

 Hey simguru guy, whats with all the money grubbing releases and lack of depth?

 I will not cheat on Jedidiah with Hot Guy at the bar. I will not cheat on Jedidiah with Hot Guy at the bar

All that time rubbing elbows at the bar and posting cute #barselfies paid off. Vee has 1,009,000 followers.

Bonus shots from the hijinks festival and apt


  1. Poor Vee. Surrounded by temptation!

    1. yes and I have not seen that sim since. Which may be a good thing, Vee was all flirty flirty with him

  2. LOL the captions, love them! And Vee has some very sexy sleepwear. Guess she wants to impress the new 'friend' when he stops by.

    Wow that was a big jump in followers but yay for her.

    1. Haha, yeah....she really likes that set