Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Iron Man Update 13

PHEW! Finally, finally, FINALLY Vee reached the top of the athletic career! She was super pumped that she could now retire. Being fit will always be a part of her life, she has an awesome gym to keep her motivated, but it was starting to wear down her body and she was ready for a new adventure!

Speaking of new adventures, it's time to move. I wish she could keep this house. It's really quite nice and has amazing views. After her visit to the city though, she really wanted to try something new.

It took a lot of shopping around before deciding on a place to start. Vee is a simillionaire and could literally live in the nicest place right off the bat, but she wanted to experience the spice market and try out a new, low-key, career. Well, blogging is more of a hobby, but if you can get paid for it.....

She had to have at least two bedrooms (remember that nice gym?) and enough room for a desk for her blogging. She chose 2B Jasmine Suites (honestly, she's there because it's the only open one in the spice market I haven't played in yet[though I was tempted to move a family out of theirs]) It was an area known to be family friendly because of the great schools but that was not a priority for Vee. She'll find out later what traits I gave her new place.....

Most of her possessions went into storage because this little appt was way smaller than she was used to. But a good opportunity to minimize things, right? Unpacking took a lot longer than she (or I) planned and making it Home Sweet Home will take even longer.

At least she has good internet here.


  1. Congrats on getting her through that career!!! I'm sure she's excited to be done. Man, she left behind a nice house, but I hope she's happy in the city.

    1. I know I was excited for her to be done! The house was really nice, esp the views from her patio. I miss the option to own multiple properties like TS3. But I'm excited to play in a new place and a new job, which I have not been in along time. Thanks :-)

  2. Congrats to Vee for finishing her career and I hope she will love her new apartment in the City.

    1. So happy that job is done! I think it just seemed to drag on and on because it's what she was doing the last time I played her (which was MONTHS ago)

      The apt is small but I am having fun using items I haven't had the chance to use before :-)